Paris: Jour 1

Our first full day in Paris.  We started off by taking the metro into the downtown area where we caught a bus tour to give ourselves an “overview of the city.  Within the subway tunnel walkways, there was a Russian band playing music which echoed through the concrete halls.  I wish I could have listened to it more, but I had a train to catch.

We visited the lock bridge where lovers attach a lock to the chain barricade and throw the key into the river, signifying their everlasting love.  As we stood there, a police caravan made up of motorcycles, cars, and vans, all armed to the teeth drove past.  Was not sure what it was for.

They provided headphones so we could learn about the sites we were seeing, and during the intervening segments of the drive they would play music fitting the site we were looking at.  Unfortunately for us, we sat on the Champs-Élysées (the famous thorough-fare chalk full of cafés, boutiques, and high end designers) for a good 12 minutes listening to “Les Champs-Élysées” by Joe Dassin on repeat.  It’s a good song, just not when a minutes clip of the song is played on repeat without end.

I got my first look at the “tour eiffel” and the Louvre.  The museum was hot and humid underneath the glass pyramid.  The meal was decent, although the vegetables gave me a slight allergic reaction which I suppressed with copious amounts of water.

While we had dinner, cheers and shouts could be heard coming from down the street.  The World Cup was going on, and France was playing.  You could tell they were winning from the cheers.


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