Paris: Jour 4

We started off our day at Notre Dame, waiting among the many to enter the famed cathedral.  Once inside, we were amazed by the vaulted ceilings and impeccable stained glass work within the windows.  There was a man who spoke loudly despite the many signs (in multiple languages) advising him not to.

We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower so we could see it up close and personal.  It is large.  Very large.

Although it doesn’t show it in the video, we walked from the Champs-de-Mars, the location of the spire, all the way to Napoleon’s tomb, a good distance away.  We sure got our exercise in for the day.

Our journey back to the hotel via the metro was interrupted with a spontaneous stop at Montparnasse Tower.  It was included in our Paris Pass, if not we would not have paid the exorbitant amount they were asking for to shoot to the top of the tower to see Paris from 60 floors up.  It was beautiful, but for me standing atop the Arc de Triomphe was better.


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