Paris: Jour 6

Our last day in Paris started with us standing in line to go up the tower at Notre Dame.  A Spanish couple stood behind us, but they spoke too fast for me to understand anything.  A Chinese woman stood in front of us and tried talking to my Dad who understood every few words of what she was saying to him.

The climb up was long but worth it.  I took some of my favorite pictures up on that tower.  And our ascent was perfectly timed that when we stepped out onto the balcony, the bells began to ring in the new hour; I got some good reaction photos of Mom and Dad.

We went to the Lafayette Galleries, where I shopped among the Parisians.  Humans filled every square inch of the store.  I managed to find an orange shirt to take home as my fashionable souvenir.

We spent our last hours in France walking around, spending some time in the Jardin de Tuileries.  A woman walking by us not so casually tried peeking into my bag to see what I had bought.  We stopped and admired the flowers growing; bushes of lavender poked out of the ground along with a plant with red blossoms.

It was both fun and challenging vlogging everyday, but I think it was worth it.  My vlogging skills definitely need some work, but nothing a little more traveling can’t solve!


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