Aboard an Aircraft Carrier

Running races has it’s perks. One of them for the San Diego Half Marathon is free admission to the USS Midway Museum.

The museum, which usually costs $20 for general admission and less for students/seniors/veterans, gives an inside look to life on the ship when it was active and to the battle that gave it it’s name.

The hanger bay was impressive, a massive open space filled with people walking beneath stationary planes.  After picking up a free audio tour, we headed through the barracks. The aisles between the bunks stacked four beds high were barely wide enough for someone to walk through.

Museum-goers stand among relic planes from World War II.
The junior officer chambers were improved, false wood replacing the impersonal metal in the previous rooms.
The highlight for me, however, was the flight deck. Rows of planes from different eras linings the runway. The tower, which we did not have enough time to go into, stood proudly watching over its now peaceful station.
Helicopters sit atop the flight deck, open for visitors to climb inside.
This quick trip was a quick reminder of the sacrifices veterans made and military make today to protect the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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