Camping in Plumas

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I missed my brother’s bachelor’s party.  I was in school and couldn’t make it up for the weekend, so to make up for the boating excursion I missed out on we decided to have a post-wedding “bachelor’s” party of our own now that I’m off from school.  We wanted to stay along the same camping theme as his first one, so he decided to show me his favorite spot in the world: Plumas Eureka State Park.

Located Northwest of Tahoe, Plumas was about a 4 hour drive from the East Bay.  We made a stop at Ikeda’s, a burger place right off the 80 a little out of Sacramento.  The teriyaki burgers with pineapples are fall-apart-in-your-hands, melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  We were so full we didn’t get to try the pies, but I heard they were on par with the sliders.

We celebrated our arrival in Graeagle, the closest town to our campsite, with frosties.  I got the Reese’s one, which promptly filled me up especially after the lunch I consumed.

Another drive and we arrived at our campsite.  A picturesque scene greeted us, a lumber bridge crossing a mellow river with the scent of fresh pine wafting through the air.  After all the fun of unpacking was over we took a short hike before dark along a trail that started behind one of the neighboring campsites.  It led into a meadow valley where we spotted a dirt road we decided to follow up the valley wall.  It lead to a tumbling waterfall nestled in the rock face.

Our dinner, chili dogs, was cooked over a flint-started fire (my first) and filled us up for the next day.

We woke up soon after the sun rose.  We gathered our fishing gear and headed out to Big and Little Bear lakes about a 30 minute drive away.  With our fishing poles, we searched the shores for ideal spots for casting off.  Following the circumference of Big Bear Lake, we were granted magnificent views; however, it was at the cost of pioneering a few trails over a cliff face and pushing through thick brambles.

With no luck, we tried Gold Lake.  Snacking on the flavors of our childhood, Gushers and Cheez-It’s, we enjoyed the view of the water lapping at the rocks beneath our feet.  We didn’t dare test the water though as we heard there were leaches…

We cast our lines into the water, and after no avail we climbed along the shore to another spot.  Unfortunately, all we caught was a bad sunburn.  For a pick-me-up we stopped in Graeagle to get some frosties.

Upon our return to camp, we snacked again on gummies.  We played different card and board games before eating dinner and enjoying one of the most beautiful views of all, the night sky.

It is something that can only be experienced.  We sat in silence staring up at the billions of little lights shining against the black abyss before turning in for out last night in Plumas.

In the morning we were sad to go and leave behind all the natural wonders we saw, but our return home was joyful having such an incredible weekend.


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